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My Personal Experiences of the Bach Flower Remedies

Death, Grief, Loss and Beyond


I experienced the death of my father, Ranjit, in June 1992. 

The purpose of my life went: it became meaningless; I needed to find some connection to him again.

I found a Naturopath in 1993, who used a Vega Machine built on German technology, to diagnose electrical energy blockages in the physical body and then to correct them by prescribing Bach Flower Remedies. This is at a potentization or energy frequency to correct the electrical imbalances in my body at a cellular level. 

Thus the over the period of several months I released parts of my grief listening to music by Kenny G and sensing how I really felt. I also had relaxation and remedial massage to release bodily, mental and emotional fears.

I received Reiki through a elderly lady living in Marysville on Blackspur Mountain in the outskirts of Melbourne. This released lots of fears, especially about making my own decisions and creating some sense of my own life. I made a decision to follow my heart and live a loving emotionally focussed life rather than become a lawyer.


Change and Growth

In 1994 I found an advertisement in The Age newspaper for a course in Metaphysics by the Holistic Centre. I did this for over a year; and then began working towards qualifying as a Spiritual Counsellor and Holistic Healer. I did this with my mother’s support and was working towards qualifying in 1995 when at 23 years of age I realised I was too young to go down this pathway and needed to experience life and its challenges to a greater extent before helping others; I needed to help myself first.


Since then, in the late 1990s, I had an eating disorder, where I lost a lot of weight and had problems deciding what to focus on and follow through on. There were times when I could not get through energy barriers in my aura in terms of finding some fulfilling, meaningful and caring work to focus on.


In 1995, after a trip to Sri Lanka where I experienced an energetic dysfunction and breakdown and could not control what I was experiencing on a normal daily basis, I did some volunteer work on the Red Cross Team at Box Hill Hospital. This was about going through some of the wards and handing out magazines for people to read. I also went and helped a family needing support with administering exercises for a quadriplegic youth.


All this pointed out that in time that there was a Bach Flower related issue or program that I needed to learn and follow. This was that finding and keeping happiness and vocational fulfilment was what I needed to address and then everything else including personal and professional relationships would fall into place.


More Experiences of Grief and Loss

It was in 2013, after the loss of my mother Shelagh from cancer at 77 years of age; as well as the previous loss of my sister Devika from cancer in 2009 at 34 years of age, that sent me back to healing full on with Bach Flower Essences as well Australian Bush Flower remedies. Some time prior to mum’s death I had not been eating properly, and needed to release my grief in order to go on and live again: both in remembrance as well as in continuity.


Qualities of Bach Flower Remedies


Bach is a wonderful soul healer. Given time, it can enable you to rebuild your life, by persistence and dedication holding onto your dreams and working to see them actualised, and come thorough to fruition. It can move mountains through applied faith, and stresses the interconnections between all souls and personalities who seek a common goal of love and its expressions, throughout the cosmos and most importantly on Earth.

After 1993, when I literally moved my soul out of grief, it took me 6 years to find my feet again and to feel a sense of happiness, contentment, and fulfilment, as I walked on the beach in Middle Park. 1998 was for me a magical year. I had somehow found what I was looking for - a hospitality job that enabled me to feel close once again to my father who was a good cook and had an extensive interest in food. Bach remedies had reprogrammed me and others to see connections to each other again, and like plants, trees and flowers to be transplanted elsewhere.


I was working two jobs in 1999-2000, one at Ragazzi Restaurant in Middle Park near the beach, where I delivered Italian pizza and pasta to the surrounding suburbs; and a daily job at the Lands Title Registry in Queen street, as a Document Prep team member, on a project to computerise Victoria’s land titles. Both these jobs connected me to past life energies and engineering shared by that soul Edgar Cayce, in terms of the beach energies and the Land Titles Project as a part of the enormous IT project that transferred and transformed Edgar Cayce’s 14,000+ Psychic Readings, mostly in medical healing, onto digital media. 

As I have found, Bach Remedies are also excellent for building relationships on multiple levels.When I realised that at different times I have needed help and support in various ways from others, that such has come into my life and become a part of my sense of living by faith, and caring for life rather than turning away from life.

Bach is also very very creative and can open channels in your auras, chakras, and energy bodies for long term channelling and fulfilment through such. This means that there is better co-ordination, co-operation, and expression through a focussed left and right-brained frequency or frequencies, that enable actualisation of various creative projects and works. 

I found that with the combined used of free-flowing psychic, spiritual and physical energies, a power to release old blocked energies and creating new energetic connections, can be brought about. One such change for me was the link I felt with a Picasso Stone as a precursor to gestating photographic energies from past lives in my aura. Thus, my mother and sister put together a project where we  selected a collection of photographs in the old chemical style of development that I had taken over 20 plus years with my first camera (a Fujica SLR camera), and blended these images into my mother’s works on poetry (The Heart in the Harp, and Poems to the Creator) which she subsequently had published and distributed. We also made greeting cards using my images, which we sold to a gathering of Sri Lankan friends, as Christmas cards. In otherwords, Bach Essences created changes in our auric fields, and enabled co-ordination over time of different skills, talents, and abilities in creatively-focussed work.


Multiple Frequencies: Flower Remedies, Allopathic  Medication, Reiki, Music Colours and Crystals.


I find that combining the different psychic and spiritual energies of the Bach Flower Remedies, and other flower and crystal energies, with contemporary psychiatric medication (the anti-psychotic drug Clozapine, and Solian) enable energy shifting- releasing the body physical’s molecular chemistry. This connects to enabling flows in my  psychic and spiritual life, as I excrete  and clear the dysfunctional thought patters in my aura, on multiple levels. This means I can focus on physical health and wellbeing with a mental wellness that enables me to live a loving, productive, fulfilling life. 

I have been  using multiple energy frequencies over an extended period of time in an effort to release the mental health illnesses of Depression, and Schizoaffective Disorder which I have suffered since the 1990s. 

I also use the energy fields of computers (especially the Apple desktop iMac, the Apple laptop Macbook Pro) ; and other electronic devices such as Apple iPad, and iPhone. This also connects up the psychic frequencies of computer and telecommunications networks as connected through energy vibrations in Wi-fi and 4G technologies. 


Edgar Cayce spoke of an Apple (the fruit) diet for cleansing purposes. This is can be extended to using the energy vibrations of Apple electronic products. This energetic input transforms physical bowel movements in combination with a laxative (osmoloax) which then transforms auric belief systems and every day psychic functionality on Earth into superconsciousness. Thus, there is no further loss energetically in terms of past life energies and the powers of the subconscious to undermine life on Earth, are curtailed.

My ongoing challenge is to sort out how to release the side-effects  of psychiatric medication, using other healing modalities, so that I have a workable, loving life and experience peace and contentment.

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