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Definitions of My Skills, Talents and Abilities


I want to briefly focus on what are termed hallucinations and psychotic systems.


Professional Psychic 

I have the trained ability to shift my thoughts, eyesight  and hearing to multiple levels, not just the physical, but what is known as the Metaphysical level. Therefore I am Clairvoyant (able to see psychic images), Clairaudient (able to hear psychic sounds), and Clairsentient (able to have psychic feelings).


Chakras and Colour Healing

This ability is about using everyday colours in our lives (such as food, clothing, footwear) to heal and express our true selves by balancing the 7 chakras which our a part of our energy anatomy, and so connect directly to our souls. 


Shamanic Healer, and Past Lives Healer

This skill-set includes meditation and visualisation techniques and development; aiming for a real, authentic experience of your Soul-self.and how to ground and creatively express your truth and vision for the World. It looks at your soul's multiple experiences on Earth and how to weave them into a loving expression.


Intuitive selection of British Bach Flower Remedies and Australian Bush Flower Remedies

There is a creative process at work with these natural remedies that are Vibrational in nature. They enable shape-shifting of your emotional Self and auric energy bodies so that you can heal out from problems and traumas that somehow stunted your expression of your true Self as a part of all creation and creative expressions.


Timeline Healing and Alignment


This is a skill that enables working out what you want to achieve as various goals in your life and how to release the energy blockages that prevented you from succeeding. It works on getting the timing right and in sync with the creative energies of the cosmos.



What is a Energy Healing Reading?


I focus on priorities (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual): what issues need to be addressed immediately, and in the long-term


Main areas are Relationships, Finances, Living / home  arrangements, Friendships, Food, Careers, Pets


Chakra focus and balancing for goals that are important to  you.


Aura colours readjusted and healed of traumas and blockages.


Past lives for growth and development if important and needed


Spiritual healing and visualisation for inner changes and shifting for new values and targets to accomplish.

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