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My Curriculum Vitae



My Personal Details


Name: Devinda Theodore Wije Goonewardene

Born: 5 Oct 1972, Colombo Sri Lanka

Citizen of Australia since 1989

Address: Elgar Road, Box Hill North, VIC 3129, Melbourne Australia

Family Background: Ceylanese and Dutch Burger

Age: 49 years




1987-1990 Melbourne High School: Graduated 1990 with Victorian Certificate of Education in English, English Literature, Economics, Accounting, and 18th Century French History


1991-1998 (with breaks) Completion of Bachelor of Arts in English and Politics from Monash  University Melbourne. Some study in  Law and Psychology.


1994-1995 Studies and qualifications from the Holistic Centre, Mount Waverly, Melbourne

Certificate in Metaphysics; Diploma of Spiritual Development;

Certificate in Holistic Therapies


1996 Spent time in a Medium’s circle of channelling and healing


2001 Tafe Certificatein Building and Upgrading Computers


Certificate in Retail Operations Kangan Batman Tafe


Kal Multimedia Certificate in Business and Computer Skills





1987-1992  Target Australia Camberwell. Shop hand for Electrical, Lighting, Paint, Auto, Sport, Outdoor Furniture (Casual Employment)


1992- 2012 Driving my Mum and Sister(Devika, passed over 2009), until Seizure in 2012; medically cleared to drive but felt unable to, because of side-effects of antipsychotic medication ) 


1998-2000  Food Delivery Driver (Ragazzi Restaurant - Italian pizza, pasta, drinks. South Melbourne Area) (Beach)


1999-2000 Document Prep Team (Victorian Lands Title Registry) Conversion of documents to electrical barcoded, computerised items for scanning by associated team


2001-2005 Food delivery driving with breaks


2004 Driving a teenager (Year11)  to school , Mill Park


2005 - present: In receipt of Disability Support Pension for Schizoaffective Disorder 


Photographic contributor to a work of poetry by my Mum (Shelagh Goonewardene) :  The Heart in the Harp


2014 (June) Presentation at Mind Body Spirit Festival, Melbourne on Understanding Schizophrenia: An Energy Healer’s Way


2016 (October) Presentation at Mind Body Spirit Festival Sydney on Multidimensional Healing for a Happy Life


2017 (March) Presentation at Mind Body Spirit Festival Brisbane: Using Bach Flower Remedies for Healing and Expression 

2018 (November) Presentation at Mind Body Spirit Festival Melbourne: Twin Souls and Soulmates: The Dance of Relationships


2014 - June 2019 Building a website on my experience and understanding of Mental Health Issues and Problems (

2018 Completed Distance Learning Program course on Bach Flower Remedies, online through Bach (Level 1)

2018 (November): Registration of my business as Creative Life Australia

2019 Advertising my business online through Living Now New Age magazine.

Winter, 2019 Advertising my business in printed version of Living Now magazine.

2019 (July) Developing a  new website on Depression, Schizophrenia and Schizoaffective Disorder


2019 (December) Completing Udemy online Reiki course: Reiki Levels 1,2 and 3: Becoming a Reiki Master


2020 Doing a online course in Australian Bush Flower Essences; White Light Healing Essences; Bush Flower Healing and Numerology

2021 Completing online course in Level 2 Distance Learning Program on Bach Flower Remedies through the Bach Centre in Britain.


My Holistic Healing Skills

Professional Psychic 

I have the trained ability to shift my thoughts, eyesight  and hearing to multiple levels, not just the physical, but what is known as the Metaphysical level. Therefore I am Clairvoyant (able to see psychic images), Clairaudient (able to hear psychic sounds), and Clairsentient (able to have psychic feelings).

Chakra and Colour Healing

This ability is about using everyday colours in our lives (such as food, clothing, footwear) to heal and express our true selves by balancing the 7 chakras which our a part of our energy anatomy, and so connect directly to our souls. 

Shamanic Healer, and Past Lives Therapist

This skill-set includes meditation and visualisation techniques and development; aiming for a real, authentic experience of your Soul-self.and how to ground and creatively express your truth and vision for the World. It looks at your soul's multiple experiences on Earth and how to weave them into a loving expression.


Intuitive selection of British Bach Flower Remedies and Australian Bush Flower Remedies


There is a creative process at work with these natural remedies that are Vibrational in nature. They enable shape-shifting of your emotional Self and auric energy bodies so that you can heal out from problems and traumas that somehow stunted your expression of your true Self as a part of all creation and creative expressions. 


Timeline Healing and Alignment

This is a skill that enables working out what you want to achieve as various goals in your life and how to release the energy blockages that prevented you from succeeding. It works on getting the timing right and in sync with the creative energies of the cosmos.

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