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What is Schizophrenia? Links to the Throat Chakra and Processing Feelings


Schizophrenia is metaphysically a energetic illness where emotions are blocked from being felt, interpreted and properly processed. These emotions may be anger, grief, loss, and a sense of not having space within to express love for oneself and for and from others. In this analysis the fundamental causative connection in the Indian System of the 7 Chakras, is in fact the throat chakra. This chakra as the main expressive part of the human energy system, is in schizophrenic people totally or partially blocked, as a result of major life traumas. The feelings are felt but not processed in terms of guilt and self-hate, self-blame, and revulsion at the processes of normal life; they need to be expressed and released. 

Schizophrenia is the resulting chaos and disorder in organic everyday functioning and thinking. This is brought about by the breaking up of the mental bodies of the aura, where a particular lifestyle with its various stresses can no longer be maintained, or endured. In otherwords the mental thoughts and their expression in tandem with emotional expression go out of congruence with experiencing a sense of peace, self-care and happiness.

Clozapine: Blockage of Spiritual Self and Its Resolving Power: Yet Physically Effective


One of the key factors for the onset of Schizophrenia is the fact that the physical body's psychic and spiritual forces are depleted. This is indicated by normal dreaming processes somehow being disturbed and not being able to resolve these forces . In otherwords there is a need to build a new life without difficulties; and the need to create and follow through in terms of lifestyle, friendships, health and well being.


Medication (Clozapine)seems to block the psyche (spiritual aspect of Self) from being able to heal itself, and to flow onwards in life. This sense of being stuck on multiple levels needs to be healed and all the chakras and the planes of existence restructured and reset for a prosperous happy fulfilled life.


What I have found is that together with a physical releasing agent (bowel release) through water, Apple diet and Apple computer connections, the blood and water within the physical body can be flushed out so that on a particular physical level past life energies and engineering can be shifted. This means new cosmic energies can be gestated in the auras of the healer being healed. 


Past Lives: Issues and Challenges

One of the major issues in Schizophrenia is a problem in focussing on time and timeliness. People experiencing such a sense of dislocation have channelled into past-lives and thus got stuck in the various conflicts of those lifelines and, especially authority and personality conflicts. Here, it is as if the past life scenarios are continually being  re-run around everyday lives; being stuck in such a sense of time creates auric blockages to peace, tranquility and real fulfilment. It takes enormous effort and awareness to break through all the psychic and spiritual entanglements of those past lives, and to promote the luck of a very new sense of the society and communities we live in. 

How to reverse Schizophrenia from its roots: Music as the Healer

For any real change to the energies that we express, both within and externally, we need to explore our Energy Physics (Vibrations and Spiritual Anatomy) and how to transform and express those energies.These aspects of healing were detailed in the Overview page of this site.

The original psychic DNA that created Earth was actually at 128 bit, rather than what we have been working on -the 16 bit 44.1 KHz  main standard for Digital compact disc music.

In otherwords, we have been living at a fraction of our true potentials. We need to work together to gestate the true Sources of our planet and our existence on this planet. The Mozart channel of consciousness is our way. Mozart consciousness is at a 100% of total brainwaves and inspirational functionality; something that is unheard of and difficult to comprehend. But is truth. 


By linking ourselves to such potentials we accelerate time itself and cosmic frequencies that can create multi-dimensional holistic wellness and well-being in our lives on Earth. Our task is to become well and stay-well. In this way we create healing and wealth of soul consciousness for a future which is yours and ours to recreate and create. 

DAC (Digital to Analog Converter)

In current musical expression on Earth today, the use of Digital to Analog converters enable the processing of the music that we listen to into energy fields that are healing, balanced and hopeful for a better life. Building a musical library both on compact disc and digital downloadable music files enables tuning into the subtle energies of creative expression. and healing your Self. 

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