My Vision and Purpose

I argue for a psychic and spiritual energy awareness of the medically termed illnesses of Depression, Schizophrenia, and Schizoaffective Disorder. I view this  through the lens of multi-dimensionality, complementary healing therapies, energy healing, and Quantum Physics.

 I focus on a Psychic  Reading and Healing of the information in your auras and energy fields. I check out your chakras - how welll are they functioning and what to do to help you to open, balance, and grow them. I give you an accurate sense of the colours that you are expressing through your aura, and how to shift your energies to accomplish the goals you are interested in. I help you to unlock, unblock and express your multidimensional self using Flower Medicine - British Bach Flower Essences,  Australian Bush Flower Essences  and other remedies. I talk about the crystals that can help you both in their natural versions as well as in their use in mobile phones, computers and display technologies. I also highlight healing through sound energies - like Reiki healing music, Hemi-sync, and other music designed to shift and reshape your brain waves and hence auric energies and their expression.

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Shamanic and Past Life Healer

Flower Medicine:

Bach Flower Remedies

Australian Bush Flower Essences

Timeline Healing Alignment

My Services

   Psychic Healing Reading                             via Email:

Focus on Auras, Chakras, Energy Fields includes info on colours, images, crystals, Flower  Remedies, relationships, friendships; and Past Life analysis.


45- 60 Mins of Channelling for                                     A$ 50

Please see my Online Store above for Purchasing this; and send me a email at

with your questions.


Psychic Healing Reading via Skype

As Psychic Healing Reading above. 

Please contact me at my email address: if you would like to try this.

30  Mins. for A$ 30

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